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So a lot of you might not know this, but right now our chen chen is pretty sick which is why he has had a mask on for the past few days at airports with only his dark circles showing. Since Wolf, Jongdae has participated in every promotion. He’s basically EXO’s double dipper, promoting both in China and Korea and naturally, sm being sm hasn’t really given him any breaks and now hes sick but he’s pulling through his schedules silently anyways. The constant air travels from China to Korea aren’t helping either. Some Chinese fans said that he had to be assisted to the changing rooms after their performance and some said that when he got on the plane on his way back to Korea, he kept asking for medicine.

Since he has worked so hard for us all I thought it’d be really really nice if we could trend #GetwellJongdae on twitter or wherever because really….as fans there isn’t much else we can do when things like this happen but even if it’s something small like this, it’s better than nothing at all!

Thanks for working hard all year Kim Jongdae, but please, seriously, take care of your health first alright?  Love you! Get better soon funky chenchen

TLDR; Jongdae is sick, trend #GetwellJongdae because we all love funky JD ♥

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